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The Best Classrooms Have No Walls At All

Camp STEM Club is a Science & Nature Based program.

We are unlike any other program that you've ever seen. We spend most of our time outdoors enjoying nature and learning about the world around us. We are not a preschool that teaches young minds in a rote style of teaching.  Matter of fact we are not a preschool at all, our pedagogy trends towards learning in natural environments that ready children for Kindergarten through second grade in a very unique way. 


We are an Environmental educational program that offers Science/Lab classes blended with nature.  We also provide private tutoring classes to assist your student and STEM learning all while having fun. Our path to knowledge is harnessed by a love of being outdoors and just being a kid running, laughing out loud, and rolling down the grassy berms.  We learn outdoors under the trees and on the grass using tree stumps as our tables while learning numeral concepts by utilizing sticks and acorns as our numbers.  

Our desire is to cultivate a love of learning and to have richer and more satisfying experiences while doing so. Most of us are kinesthetic learners, we learn best when most of our senses are involved. We need to touch, smell and hear in order to make the best impact on our memory and our minds. 

When you arrive at our program you will leave the desert behind. Once you walk through our entrance gate our campus will surround you with beautiful tall trees over two stories high. Our campus is filled with green grass, flowers, hummingbirds, and all of nature's beauty.

Our club supports and is in association with the North American Association for Environmental Education.  We strive to Educate, Inspire, and Empower one another to actively and responsibly engage in our communities ecologically, socially, and civically.

What we are learning this month. All about Mechanical Engineering!


S.T.E.M Trained Teachers

by the AZ Science Center

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