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Our STEM program has both indoor and outdoor working laboratories. Students enjoy a fully immersive science experience predicting outcomes and working to test theories.  Are students work on projects and are able to do just as experiment being led by our students. Our outdoor lab has operating sinks and at times you will catch us measuring liquids in beakers and adding fluids from droppers, waiting anxiously for a reaction. This is what interests young minds, being able to have the freedom to investigate, discover and create.   

Many preschools nowadays have children as young as 3 years old, sitting at desks doing worksheets. Our children have their entire lives to learn in this rote style of teaching. This may work as we get older but young children need to be involved at a multi-sensory level. Being able to investigate and test their own interests with action is the most rewarding.    

Our Club acknowledges what your child finds interesting and together we make predictions, create a way to test our thoughts by conducting our own experiments. We are not a school or a preschool we are a club of community leaders who share a love of nature and STEM and we think learning should be a fun and engaging experience. We implement the best practices from many different teaching styles from STEM Clubs around the world so your child will be able to have fun yet learn in a very dynamic way.

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